Structural Steel Design 5th Edition Pdf For Free

Chapter Introduction To Structural Steel Design – Advantages Of Steel As A Structural Material – Disadvantages Of Steel As A Structural Material – Early Uses Of Iron And Steel – Steel Sections – Metric Units – Cold-Formed Light-Gage Steel Shapes – Stress–Strain Relationships In Structural Steel – Modern Structural Steels – Uses Of High-Strength Steels – Measurement Of Toughness – Jumbo Sections – Lamellar Tearing – Furnishing Of Structural Steel – The Work Of The Structural Designer – Responsibilities Of The Structural Designer – Economical Design Of Steel Members – Failure Of Structures – Handling And Shipping Structural Steel – Calculation Accuracy – Computers And Structural Steel Design – Problems For Solution – Chapter Specifications, Loads, And Methods Of Design – Specifications And Building Codes – Loads – Dead Loads – Live Loads – Environmental Loads – Load And Resistance Factor Design (Lrfd) – And Allowable Strength Design (Asd) – Nominal Strengths – Shading – Computation Of Loads For Lrfd And Asd – Computing Combined Loads With Lrfd Expressions – Computing Combined Loads With Asd Expressions – Two Methods Of Obtaining An Acceptable Level Of Safety – Discussion Of Sizes Of Load Factors And Safety Factors – Author’s Comment – Problems For Solution – Chapter Analysis Of Tension Members .