Small Wind Turbines For Electricity And Irrigation Pdf

Small Wind Turbines: A Technology For Energy Independence – And Sustainable Agriculture – Introduction: Why “Small” Wind Turbines? – Why Not “Big” Wind Turbines? – How Small Are Hence, “Small” Wind Turbines? – Why Small Wind Turbines For Pumping Water? – General Plan Of This Book And Acknowledgments – Bibliography – General Theory Of Wind Driven Machines – Betz’s Theorem – The Extension Of Betz’s Theorem To Vertical Axis Wind – Turbines – Discussion Of The Extension Of Betz’s Theorem To – Vertical Axis Turbines – Notions On The Theory Of Wing Sections – Action Of The Air On A Wing In Motion – Lift, Drag, And Moment Coefficients – Graphical Representation Of The Aerodynamic – As A Function Of The Pitch Angle – Eiffel’s Polar – Lilienthal’s Polar – Mixed Representations – Definitions And Terminology – Solidity Coefficient, Σ – Specific Speed, Λ – Coefficient Of Motor Torque, Cm – Coefficient Of Axial Force, Cf – Coefficient Of Power, Cp – Relationships Between Dimensionless – Coefficients – Reynolds’ Number – Classification Of Wind Turbines – Vertical Axis Wind Turbines – Reaction Driven Turbines – Aerodynamic Action Turbines – Hybrid Turbines – Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines – Fast Turbines – Slow Wind Turbines – “Undefinable” Wind Driven Machines – Comparison Between Different Types Of Wind .