Quality And Power In The Supply Chain Pdf

Part I Prologue: On Power And Its Impact On Customer Supplier – Relations – Power And Its Impact On Customer Supplier Relations – Introduction – The Role Of Power In Dictating Demands – The Vendor Vendee Relationship Within The Automotive Sector: – Dual Economy In The World Of International Standards – United States Versus Japan – On Registrars And Bureaucratic Power – Constraints And Absurdity – Types Of Organizations – Registrars As A Mixture Of Craft And Procedural Bureaucracies – Virtual Is Certification: Guaranteed, Cheap, And Easy – Part I The Limits Of Quality: Essays On A Separate Reality – Thoughts On The Relativity Of Quality – The Zen Of Quality – Is There A Universal Approach To Management? – Are There Universal Principles Of Quality? – Can Quality Be Translated? – Quality: Absolute Or Relative? – When A Smile Is A Sign Of Inferiority – Conclusion – How Old Can A Company Hope To Be? – Built To Last For A While: The Age Of Flexibility – Flexibility And Competitiveness – Economic Success Of The Firm: Is It Based Solely On Quality Issues? Quality: One Small Element To Economic Viability – G H Bass Versus Vita Needle Company – The Dilemma Of Responsiveness – Conclusion – On Servicing The Customer – Who Is The Customer? – The Case Of Is – Should All Customers Be Treated Like Kings? – Fads, Incompetence, Ignorance, And Stupidity – Introduction – On Stupidity – Federal Nonsense – The Case Of The Truck Rental Agency – Partial Quality And The French Public Transportation System – Can You Sell Less Quality? .