Machine Learning In VLSI Computer-Aided Design Pdf

A Preliminary Taxonomy for Machine Learning in VLSI CAD – Duane S Boning, Ibrahim (Abe) M Elfadel, and Xin Li – Machine Learning Taxonomy – VLSI CAD Abstraction Levels – Organization of This Book – References – Part I Machine Learning for Lithography and Physical Design – Machine Learning for Compact Lithographic Process Models – J P Shiely – Introduction – The Lithographic Patterning Process – Machine Learning of Compact Process Models – Neural Network Compact Patterning Models – Conclusions – References – Machine Learning for Mask Synthesis – Seongbo Shim, Suhyeong Choi, and Youngsoo Shin – Introduction – Machine LearningGuided OPC – Machine LearningGuided EPC – Conclusions – References – Machine Learning in Physical Verification, Mask Synthesis, – and Physical Design – Yibo Lin and David Z Pan – Introduction – Machine Learning in Physical Verification – Machine Learning in Mask Synthesis – Machine Learning in Physical Design – Conclusions – References – Part II Machine Learning for Manufacturing, Yield, – and Reliability – Gaussian ProcessBased WaferLevel Correlation Modeling – and Its Applications – Constantinos Xanthopoulos, Ke Huang, Ali Ahmadi, Nathan Kupp, – John Carulli, Amit Nahar, Bob Orr, Michael Pass, – and Yiorgos Makris – Introduction – Gaussian ProcessBased Regression Models – Applications .