High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals 2nd Edition Pdf For Free

Generation and transmission of electric energy – Voltage stresses – Testing voltages – Testing with power frequency voltages – Testing with lightning impulse voltages – Testing with switching impulses – DC voltages – Testing with very low frequency voltage – References – Chapter Generation of high voltages – Direct voltages – AC to DC conversion – Electrostatic generators – Alternating voltages – Testing transformers – Series resonant circuits – Impulse voltages – Impulse voltage generator circuits – Operation, design and construction of impulse generators – Control systems – References – Chapter Measurement of high voltages – Peak voltage measurements by spark gaps – Sphere gaps – Reference measuring systems – Uniform field gaps – Rod gaps – Electrostatic voltmeters – Ammeter in series with high ohmic resistors and high ohmic resistor voltage – dividers – Generating voltmeters and field sensors – The measurement of peak voltages – The Chubb–Fortescue method – Voltage dividers and passive rectifier circuits – Active peakreading circuits – Highvoltage capacitors for measuring circuits – Voltage dividing systems and impulse voltage measurements – Generalized voltage generation and measuring circuit – Demands upon transfer characteristics of the measuring system – Fundamentals for the computation of the measuring system – Voltage dividers .