Essentials Of The Finite Element Method For Mechanical And Structural Engineers Pdf

CHAPTER An Overview of the Finite Element Method – What Are Finite Elements? – Why Finite Element Method Is Very Popular? – Main Advantages of Finite Element Method – Main Disadvantages of Finite Element Method – What Is Structural Matrix? – Stiffness Matrix – Transfer Matrix – What Are the Steps to be Followed for Finite Element Method Analysis – of Structure? – Step Discretize or Model the Structure – Step Define the Element Properties – Step Assemble the Element Structural Matrices – Step Apply the Loads – Step Define Boundary Conditions – Step Solve the System of Linear Algebraic Equations – Step Calculate Stresses – What About the Available Software Packages? – Physical Principles in the Finite Element Method – From the Element Equation to the Structure Equation – ComputerAided Learning of the Finite Element Method – Introduction to CALFEM – Spring elements – Bar Elements for TwoDimensional Analysis – Bar Elements for ThreeDimensional Analysis – Beam Elements for TwoDimensional Analysis – Beam Elements for ThreeDimensional Analysis – System Functions – Statement Functions – Graphic Functions – Working Environment in ANSYS – References – CHAPTER Mathematical Background – Vectors – Definition of Vector – Scalar Product – Vector Product – Rotation of Coordinate System – The Vector Differential Operator (Gradient) – Green’s Theorem – Coordinate Systems .