Engine Modeling And Control Modeling And Electronic Management Of Internal Combustion Engines Pdf For Free

List of Symbols – Introduction – Historical developments – Gasoline engines (SI) – Diesel engines (CI) – Current engine developments – Gasoline engines – Diesel engines – Alternative drives – Engine control and diagnosis – On the control of gasoline engines – On the control of diesel engines – On engine diagnosis – Development steps for engine control – Controloriented subdivision of combustion engines – Contents of this book – References – Part I Engine Modeling and Identification Methods – On theoretical modeling of multipledomain processes – Theoretical and experimental modeling – Process elements from different domains – Basic equations – Balance equations – Constitutive equations – Phenomenological equations – Summary – Timedependent and rotationangledependent models – Semiphysical models – References – Experimental modeling of engines – Identification methods for the stationary behavior of nonlinear – processes – Gridbased lookup tables (maps) – Parameter estimation for nonlinear static processes – Artificial neural networks for identification – Process identification methods for dynamic processes – Correlation functions – Parameter estimation for linear dynamic processes (method – of least squares) – Parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamic processes – Local and global engine models .