Applied Strength Of Materials 6th Edition Pdf For Free

Basic Concepts In Strength Of Materials – The Big Picture – Objective Of This Book: To Ensure Safety – Objectives Of This Chapter – Problem-Solving Procedure – Basic Unit Systems – Relationship Among Mass, Force, And Weight – Concept Of Stress – Direct Normal Stress – Stress Elements For Direct Normal Stresses – Concept Of Strain – Direct Shear Stress – Stress Elements For Shear Stresses – Preferred Sizes And Screw Threads – Structural Shapes – Experimental And Computational Stress Analysis – Review Of The Fundamentals Of Statics – Design Properties Of Materials – The Big Picture – Objectives Of This Chapter – Design Properties Of Materials – Steel – Cast Iron – Aluminum – Copper, Brass, And Bronze – Nonmetals In Engineering Design – Wood – Concrete – Plastics – Composites – Materials Selection – Direct Stress, Deformation, And Design – The Big Picture – Objectives Of This Chapter – Design Of Members Under Direct Tension Or Compression – Design Normal Stresses – Design Factor – Design Approaches And Guidelines For Design Factors – Methods Of Computing Design Stress – Elastic Deformation In Tension And Compression Members – Deformation Due To Temperature Changes .