What are the Types of Carburetors ?


Electrical Engineering

Explain what electrical power systems are ?

Explain what electrical control systems are ?

What are digital circuits?

What is an AC motor?

Can you explain what a DC motor is?

Can you explain what an AC generator is?

What is a DC generator?

Mechanical Engineering

What are the basic components of refrigeration system?

What is a manometer? Give one real life example of manometer?

What are the 3 type of stresses?

What is mean by triple point in Thermodynamics?

What is meant by notch in fluid mechanics?

What are the five classifications of fluids?

What are the basic parts of a reciprocating machine?

Civil Engineering

What is “preset” during installation of bridge bearings?

Are diaphragms necessary in the design of concrete box girder bridges?

What is the advantage of sliding bearings over roller bearings?

What are the three major types of reinforcement used in prestressing?

What is the function of shear keys in the design of retaining walls?

What are the major problems in using pumping for concreting works?

What is the indication of shear slump and collapse slump in slump tests?