What Is This Name ?

Answer :
Water Pump
What Is A Water Pump?

A water pump is used to move, compress, or transfer water from a lower level to a higher one. The main purpose of a water pump is to transfer water between two points and to get rid of excess water. It is often used in construction sites, tunnels, river beds, residential buildings, etc.

How Does A Water Pump Work?

The basic mechanism of a water pressure pump primarily depends on the positive displacement principle in addition to kinetic energy to push the water. These pumps use AC or DC power to power the motor, whereas others can be powered by other types of drivers such as gasoline engines or perhaps even diesel engines. Let us understand the workings of a water pressure pump based on its type.

Manual Pumps And Their Working

You must have come across such pumps in small villages.

  • A manual pump is operated by the person pushing a handle in an up-and-down motion
  • You form a vacuum by pushing down on the handle, which shuts a valve on the spout and pulls water from the well
  • When you lift the handle, the water pressure closes a valve to prevent the water from returning into the well while also opening the one in the spout to force the water out.
  • This is probably the simplest and oldest method of moving water for you, and it can efficiently work in places with no electricity.