WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between AC motor and DC motor?

the difference between AC motor and DC motor. AC and DC are two types of electric motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They have different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here are some of the main differences between them:

AC motor uses alternating current (AC) as the input power source, while DC motor uses direct current (DC) as the input power source¹².

AC motor has a stationary armature and a rotating magnetic field, while DC motor has a rotating armature and a stationary magnetic field²⁵.

AC motor can operate on single-phase or three-phase power supply, while DC motor can only operate on single-phase power supply²³.

AC motor is self-starting in three-phase mode, but requires a starting mechanism in single-phase mode, while DC motor is always self-starting²⁴.

AC motor can vary its speed by changing the frequency of the input power, while DC motor can vary its speed by changing the current in the armature winding¹³.

AC motor is more powerful and efficient than DC motor, but DC motor is more controllable and responsive to load changes¹³.

AC motor does not have brushes and commutators, which reduces maintenance and increases life expectancy, while DC motor has brushes and commutators, which causes wear and tear and limits the speed and life expectancy¹².