What are the Types of Cylinder Block ?

#1 V-engine Cylinder

This is the modern engine cylinder and is widely used nowadays. In this configuration, the engines are provided in two rows. These two rows are placed at an angle to each other. The angle V is kept between 15° to 20°, as a larger angle makes it more difficult to balance the engine.

#2 Inline Cylinder

An inline engine is a type of cylinder block, in which a series of cylinders are arranged in such a way that they run in a single line. Vehicles with this type of cylinder block operate smoothly. They are mostly used where high rpm is needed. It is often used in passenger cars.

#3 Opposed Engine or Boxer Engine Cylinder

The Boxer engine is a flat pressed V engine. In this engine cylinder, the blocks coming in two rows of two cylinders are set as opposed to each other. They are also known for pancake engines.