WHAT are the types, Advantages and Uses of SU CARBURETOR?

Types of SU Carburetor

SU carburetors were provided in several “throat sizes” in both inch and millimeter measurements. These carburetors are identified by letter prefix which indicates the float type. “H”, “HD”, “HS”, “HIF”, “HV”, “OM” and “KIF”.

“H” types have float bowls with an arm cast into their base. It is mounted to the bottom of the carburetor with a hollow bolt. The fuel passes in the carburetor body through the arm.

“HD” it has the float bowl with its arm fastening directly below, and concentric with the jet. The arm has a flange that is tightened with four screws at the bottom of the carburetor. A sealed rubber diaphragm is integral to the jet.

“HS” The main body is covered with rubber, fuel is supplied by an external pipe to the jet.

“HIF” It has a horizontal Integral Float.

“HV”, “OM” and “KIF” types are less commonly used.

Advantages and Uses

The main advantage of the SU carburetor is the rapid response during acceleration. Hence it is fitted with racing cars and in most scooters and motorcycles.

SU Carburetors were widely used in automobile vehicles from much of the twentieth century. These are also used in aircraft engines including the early versions of the Rolls Royce.