What are the Parts of Wankel Rotary Engine ?

#1 Intake

The intake starts when the rotor tip passes through the intake port. At this point, the chamber is at its smallest position and expands as it spins.

#2 Exhaust

When the tip passes through this exhaust port, high-pressure exhaust gas can flow through this port.

#3 Crown Gear

In the Wankel engine, the crown gear has teeth that project at right angles to the face of the wheel.

#4 Rotor

The Wankel rotary engine commonly uses a triangular-shaped rotor. This rotor consists of three convex faces. Every face acts as a piston. The rotor works as a prime mover in the Wankel rotary engine.

The combustion is generated by burning the fuel and is applied directly to the rotor, so it spins eccentrically. On one side of the rotor, it has an internal timing gear that mashes with the fixed timing gear located on the side housing to keep the correct connection between the rotor and the eccentric shaft.

#5 Combustion Chamber

The rotor in the Wankel engine rotates with an orbital motion in a specially shaped housing and makes the crescent-shaped combustion chambers between its sides and the curved wall of the housing.

#6 Housing

It is an oval-like epitrochoid-shaped housing enclosing a triangular rotor with bow-shaped faces that resemble a Reuleaux triangle. The housing includes an inlet, outlet port, spark plug, water jacket, etc.

This engine has several housings, with two housings that are important, they are:

  • Main Housing: It is closed using side housings.
  • Side Housing: It consists of a fixed timing gear that matches the internal timing gear. It keeps the correct connection between the rotor and the eccentric shaft.

#7 Eccentric Shaft

It is the useful part used to convert the eccentric motion of the rotor into concentric motion and take it out of the engine.

The rotors ride on an eccentric (corresponding to a crankpin) integral to the eccentric shaft (corresponding to a crankshaft). The rotor rotates around the eccentrics and makes an orbital rotation around the eccentric shaft.

#8 Apex Seal

The sides of the triangular rotor act as pistons, so this chamber must be sealed. To seal the chamber, the apex seals are used. They are made of curved metal placed in contact with the engine housing when the rotor moves.

#9 Spark Plug

The Wankel engine uses two spark plugs, i.e., a leading and a trailing spark plug. The leading plug (located at the bottom of the rotor housing) burns up to 95% of the air/fuel mixture providing much power.