What are the Parts of Cylinder Block ?

1. Cylinders

Cylinders are the parts in which the movement of the piston takes place. They are generally made of large size and have holes to form a seal with the piston. The number of cylinders holds power and the size of the engine.

2. Oil Passages and Galleries

These are essential components of the cylinder block for lubrication purposes. These provide oil to reach the cylinder head and crankshaft.

3. Deck

This is the top surface of the block where the end of the cylinder remains.

4. Crankcase

This component houses the crankshaft and is found under the modern engine block.

5. Head Studs

These are typically manufactured from a round rod of alloy steel. Threads are applied at both ends. This allows a tighter fit in the block, which prevents the stud from loosening when the stud nut is removed.

6. Core Plugs

A core plug is a cap of the engine block at the end of a coolant passage, which is used to prevent leakage of water or coolant from the engine.

7. Water Pump Mounting

A water pump is provided on the side of a cylinder block in housing coupled with a coolant casing.

8. Oil Filter

It is typically located either on the flank or under the engine block. There is an oil filter that keeps as many contaminants out of the lubricant that circulates the engine.