What are the Parts of a Knuckle Joint ?

1. Two rods

It usually requires two rods to connect the knuckle joint. In which one rod has one end of the eye while the other has two ends like a fork.

2. Double-eye End or Fork End

This double-eye end usually consists of two ends and has a shape like a fork. Because one end is for entering the knuckle pin and the other for the collar in which the taper pin is put so that this joint does not open.

3. Single-eye End

The single eye end is placed between the double eye end of the two holes in such a way that all the 3 holes (2 holes of the double eye end and 1 hole of the single eye end) are together.

4. Knuckle Pin

Now, the knuckle pin is passed through these holes and joins them together very tightly. Usually, there is a small hole at the end of the knuckle pin to insert the taper pin.

5. Collar

It has a collar with a two-hole for passing the taper pin. The collar is placed at the end of the knuckle pin in such a way that the hole meets the hole at the knuckle joint.

6. Taper Pin

After that, a taper is passed through the hole of the collar to secure the collar and knuckle pins and prevent them from slipping. In this way, the knuckle joint can be made.