What are the Conditions of Propeller Shaft ?

1. High Torsional Strength

They need to be made of a solid or hollow spherical cross-section in order to obtain high torsional strength during working.

2. Toughened and Hardened

Hard and rigid materials are usually required to make these. Therefore, they are made of excellent quality steel and are induction hardened.

3. Efficiently Combined

They need to be connected very firmly when they are in operation. Therefore, they are usually welded with the help of a submerged carbon dioxide welding process.

4. Dynamically Balanced

Since the rotation factor can be important at high speeds, the propeller shaft is tested on an electronic balancing machine.

5. Low Thrust Load

Since the resonance is bad for the shaft’s life. To avoid this phenomenon, they transmit excessive dynamic force to the end support of the shaft.