what are the Advantages of Electric braking system and how it works ?

Electric braking system

Electric brakes are also used for some motor vehicles, although these are not very popular. Warner electric brake is one example of such a brake. These types of braking systems have an electromagnet within the brake drum.

The brake is worked when the current from the battery is used to energize the electromagnet, Which activates the mechanism to extend the brake shoe against the brake drum, and thus brake is applied. The severity of braking is controlled through a rheostat, which is driven by the driver through the foot pedal.

Electric brakes are very simple in construction, they don’t require any complicated operating linkages. It is necessary to take only the current from the battery to the electromagnet. In addition, these are much faster than other types of brakes.


  1. It works more effectively than mechanical braking systems, which must be expensive and frequently replaced. Since electric braking does not require such replacement, it is more affordable and effective.
  2. With the use of electric braking, the system’s speed capacity rises significantly when hauling heavy loads.
  3. It aids in energy conservation because a small amount of energy returns to the supply, resulting in a significant reduction in operating costs.