what are the Advantages of Drum Brake and how it works ?

In a motor vehicle, the wheel is attached to an auxiliary wheel called a drum, and brake shoes are made to contact this drum. In most designs, two shoes are used with each drum to form a complete brake mechanism at each wheel. The brake shoes have brake linings on their outer surface.

In these types of brakes, each brake shoe is connected at one end by the anchor pin, the other end is operated by some means so that the brake shoe expands and comes in contact with the brake lining drum.

When the brakes are not applied, the brake shoes are held in position by removing the spring. And also the drum has an entire mechanism to keep out dust and moisture.


  1. It produces less heat because the vehicle’s front brakes produce the majority of the stopping power.
  2. Compared to disc brakes, it produces or emits less particulate matter.
  3. Since its frictional contact area is at the circumference, it offers more braking power than a disc brake with an equal diameter.
  4. In contrast to the disc brake, it required less maintenance to increase corrosion resistance.
  5. These types of brakes are reliable and affordable.