what are the Advantages of Disc Brakes and how it works ?

Disc brakes are types of brakes that generate friction by pressing pairs of pads up against a disc or “rotor” using calipers. This kind of process slows the rotation of a shaft, such as an axle on a vehicle, either to slow down the rotation or to hold it still. This motion generates waste heat that needs to be expelled.

The most popular type of disc brake for automobiles is hydraulically actuated, but the principles of a disc brake can be applied to virtually any rotating shaft. A disc brake is composed of a disc, a master cylinder, and a caliper, which consists of both a cylinder and two brake pads.


  1. Disc brakes have greater force-stopping capacity.
  2. It is more effective to use a shorter stopping distance.
  3. These types of brakes have the ability to clean themselves.
  4. This brake is lighter and stronger.