What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Turbocharger ?

Advantages of Turbocharger

It is crucial to be aware of the numerous benefits of turbocharger. Let’s explore further to learn more:

  1. When compared to naturally aspirated engines, turbochargers are more powerful.
  2. Thermal efficiency is higher than naturally aspirated and supercharged engines since the exhaust is used for valuable work instead of waste.

Disadvantages of Turbocharger

Knowing only the benefits is insufficient, so let’s explore the potential drawbacks of a turbocharger:

  1. If the turbo is large, the boost is gradually increased with more exhaust pressure to overcome the rotational inertia of the large turbine and reduce the throttle response.
  2. If the turbo is too small, the turbo lag is reduced. Also, the peak power is reduced.
  3. Because complex turbochargers often spin at higher revolutions, proper cooling, and lubrication are essential.