What are the Advantages and dis Advantages of Air Cooling System Engine ?

Advantages of Air Cooling System Engine

  1. Lighter in weight due to there being no radiator, cooling jackets and coolant.
  2. No topping up the cooling system
  3. No leaks to guard against.
  4. Anti-freeze is not required.
  5. The engine warms up faster than with a water-cooled design.
  6. This system can work in cold climates where water may freeze.
  7. Can be used in areas where there is a scarcity of cooling water.

Disadvantages of Air Cooling System Engine

  1. Less efficient cooling system, because the coefficient of heat transfer for air is less than that for water.
  2. It is not easy to maintain even cool around the cylinder, the cylinder deformation can occur.
  3. More noisy operation.
  4. Limited use in motorcycles, and scooters where the cylinders are exposed to the air stream.