What are Conditions Of Stability Of Retaining Walls ?

A good retaining wall must fulfill the following requirements to ensure its stability:

1. The retaining wall should be able to resist the pressure coming from it.

2. The wall section should be well proportioned that it will never overturn by lateral pressure.

3. The retaining wall should be protected from sliding. That means the wall should not be moved by the lateral pressure.

4. The weight of the wall and the force coming on it due to the earth pressure should not push its foundation to a value more than the S.B.C ( safe bearing capacity) of the soil on which it is established.

5. It is essential to avoid accumulation of water behind the retaining wall. Weep holes should be provided to drain the backing materials suitably.

6. In case of long masonry retaining wall, expansion joints should be used at 6 to 9 meter apart.