What are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Total Station ?

Advantages Of Total Station:

1. Quick setup of the instrument on the tripod by utilizing the laser plummet.

2. Programmed with on-board area computation for computing the area of a field.

3. It supports local languages.

4. It shows the graphical view of land and plots.

5. No recording and writing errors.

6.It gives more accurate measurements than other conventional surveying instruments.

7. Data can be saved and transferred to a PC.

8. It has an integrated database.

9. Computerization of old maps.

10. All in one and multitasking instrument, from surveying to GIS creation by using the appropriate software.

11. Faster work, saves time, quick finishing off the job.

Disadvantages Of Total Station:

1. The instrument is costlier than other conventional surveying instruments.

2. It might be troublesome for the surveyor to investigate and check the work when surveying.

3. Working with the total station is not so easy, as more skilled surveyors are required to conduct a total station survey.

4. To check the survey work thoroughly it would be necessary to come back to the office and prepare the drawings by using the right software.