How To Calculate Shuttering Area For Construction ?

Peripheral Length/Perimeter:

We know that perimeter is the distance around a 2D (two dimensional) shape.

For example, square has four sides. Let ‘s’ be the length of one side, then

 The peripheral length = s+s+s+s = 4s

Rectangle has four sides also but the length and breadth is different, let one side length is ‘l’ and breadth is ‘b’

∴ Peripheral length = l+b+l+b = 2l+2b

Now coming to the calculation

Shttering area = Peripheral length x Depth

Pheripheral length = (2 x 1) + (2 x 0.8) = 2 +1.6 =3.6

 Total area of shuttering  = 3.6 x 4 = 14.4 sq.m